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Get the Help You Need

Salary.Coach is your secret weapon in the compensation negotiation process. With us in your corner, you’ll know exactly what to say and when to maximize your earning and benefits potential.

Relax and enjoy your job search, with no worries about how you’ll get the salary and incentives you want and need.


Understand When to Negotiate

Knowing when to talk about money is tough. Salary is normally a taboo workplace topic, and the discomfort of “money talk” extends into job searches. It’s awkward and frustrating not to know when or how to ask for the compensation you want. Waiting for an offer to negotiate means the company is in the driver’s seat, and there isn’t much room to ask for something different. It’s easy to feel stuck, and even if the offer is good, to wonder if it could have been better.

Great news: companies are willing to talk about salary, incentives, and all kinds of benefits throughout the hiring process. You just need a plan for pursuing your compensation priorities at every step of your job search, from application all the way to hire.

At Salary.Coach, we have the strategy you need. With decades of experience negotiating on both sides of the hiring equation, we help you prioritize the salary, incentives, and benefits you want to go after and then coach you on how to manage the conversation during the hiring process. You’ll finish with the best possible package, filled with the rewards and working conditions that you value most.


Learn What to Say at Each Step

"What is your salary requirement?"

If this question freezes your blood, you’re totally normal. Answer too high? You’re out of the running. Too low? The company wins, you lose. It’s nerve-wracking and intimidating. And at every stage of the interview process, you’ll hit these land-mine questions again and again.

But what if you know how to answer in a way that opens doors instead of closing them? What if your approach to talking compensation is so sure that you never have to worry about being screened out, declined, or painted into a financial corner? With coaching through Salary.Coach, you can achieve this level of confidence and success.

Here’s why: Salary.Coach has configured and deployed many of the gatekeeping systems companies use, and we’ve trained hundreds of recruiters on how to maneuver your salary expectations. Our coaching offers you personalized access to these HR-exclusive insights. With Salary.Coach support, you’ll sail through difficult questions and know how to manage conversations about compensation during interviews and at job offer time. You’ll be confident and in control, instead of being at the mercy of a company recruiter.


Know Your Options

Compensation is more than dollars and cents.

You may not be considering all the elements that go into building your dream job opportunity. Will you ask for a signing bonus? What about vacation time, the ability to work from home, or a flexible schedule?

If you dream it, you can ask for it — but here’s the trick: you have to know how and when. Asking for too much too soon seems greedy, like you aren’t focused on the work. Wait too late and the benefits you want might not even make it to the table. The potential for regret is real.

That’s why you need a coach in your corner. At Salary.Coach, we help you prioritize the incentives and benefits that matter to you. Then we teach you to know when you can press for more, when you should pursue a different benefit instead, and when you can – and should – walk away. You’ll know for sure that you maximized your opportunity to negotiate the work-life balance that matters to you.


Enjoy these ideas for your next salary negotiation.